材料 Ingredients

  • 粉絲 Chinese vermicelli

  • 銀芽 Bean sprouts

  • 蛋碎 Fried egg pieces

  • 蔥或芫茜 Green onion or Parsley

醬料 Sauce

  • XO醬 XO sauce

  • 醬油膏 Cream sauce

  • 生抽 Soy sauce

  • 美極醬油 Maggi sauce


做法 Procedures

  1. 首先將粉絲浸水後,放入微波爐加熱一分鐘備用。粉絲如份量多,需再加熱一分鐘。

Soak Chinese vermicelli in water, then put into the microwave for one minute. Add another minute if using larger quantity of Chinese vermicelli is too much.

  1. 先放好鹽 , 黑椒, 少少糖,大火炒銀芽十五下,見脆即放進瀝水藍備用。

Fry bean sprouts with salt, black pepper, and small amount of sugar slightly (fifteen times), Put bean sprouts into strainer while keeping them crispy.

  1. 起鑊, 放入油、恙、乾蔥蒜爆香。再放入粉絲,加入XO醬、油膏、生抽和美極醬油,炒至粉絲鬆開,加入麻油。此時銀芽已經乾身,可以混合上碟即可。

Heat up frying pan, fry ginger, green onion and garlic with oil. Then add Chinese vermicelli, XO sauce, cream sauce, Soy sauce and Maggi Sauce, fry until Chinese vermicelli spread evenly and at the same time add some sesame oil. Mix the dried bean sprouts together when putting on dish.


溫馨小貼士 Tips

  1. 粉絲熱時容易上色,要把握機會,加入醬料。 Chinese vermicelli will pick up color of the sauce when it’s hot. Timing is important.

  2. 蛋碎可以先用3隻雞蛋打散,用較多一點點油,用猛火以快炒弄碎。蛋碎可以先做備用。 Fried Egg pieces can be prepared in advance. Scramble three eggs, use a bit more oil and high heat to fry and separate into pieces.

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