Our mission is to provide a wide spectrum of information to broaden your perspectives, as well as keeping you up to date.

Writing about trends with Chinese cultural elements has always been What’s In Magazine’s mandate. Text can be the simplest yet the most powerful method of communication between people. Sometimes it solely takes a few words to deliver the most profound messages that resonant with its readers. 



我們的讀者群廣泛,內容將會選用中英雙語,絕對是一本家庭溫馨閱覽刊物。每一篇都是主打文章,封面人物將是傑出人士、天王巨星、城中熱門話題。溫哥華衣、食、住、行促進了潮流脈搏,每年都有新款時尚產品出擊,帶動生活品味,真的不講不知。溫哥華有沒有娛樂圈? 絕對有! 溫哥華每年演出盛事,包羅萬有,有中港台的粒粒巨星演唱會、每年一度的春節大遊行、有舞蹈學院的周年演出、有粵劇曲藝界紅伶票友大滙演、有加拿大世界宣明會舉辦的慈善音樂會、有中僑慈善星輝夜、有中華文化中心龍的心展鵬程、有電視台舉辦的選美盛事、有電台舉辦的歌創大賽、而每一年在溫哥華娛樂演出逾過百場盛事,信不信由你! 藝術方面,來自中國的藝術家,每年都舉辦多場書畫展。讓中國傳統的書畫藝術弘揚海外。此外,來自世界各地的文娛活動,都會成為【潮文】的採訪內容。達成無國界的綜藝雜誌。溫哥華的社團活動凝聚了商界的生機,每年商會舉辦的慈善籌款活動,亦為了取諸社會,付諸社會的精神。而“潮文”雜誌會直擊報導加入慈善社群。


Unlike regular Chinese magazines, What's In Magazine is an all-round, locally produced, bilingual magazine designated for Vancouverites. It is multi-cultural, without borders, for all age groups who care about the community they live in. Our What's In reporters travel from one neighborhood to another, bringing back news and events, turning pieces of information into knowledge for readers. In every issue you’ll read interviews of politicians, movie stars and people from all walks of life; inspiring articles by professors, disc jockeys, news critics, musicians and experienced journalists. These people's stories and insightful commentaries will affect your view of the world. What’s In is not only classic, it is also about lifestyle. What's In will feed your body and mind with the most current trends in living, from fashion to food to technology around the world. It is the one and only magazine for Vancouver.





知味  FoodoiR


溫哥華是個充滿多元文化的美食之都。我們要好好把握這個機會吃盡大溫哥華的飲食料理。在這裡,讓【知味】給您灌輸健康「知」識及滿足您的「味」蕾!每一期【知味】都會帶給讀者最新最好味的餐廳飲食介紹。從餐廳環境、招牌菜介紹和廚師推介,我們都會精心評論以及推介給讀者。知味的Chef Insider專欄裏,我們會採訪各知名餐廳的大廚。您將會了解到他們當廚師的美食之旅以及他們背後的烹飪理念。崇尚健康飲食與生活的讀者可以在【知味】找到註冊營養師和專業中醫師的健康專欄 – 每一期他們都會給讀者們介紹一些健康有益資訊。想知道 Superfood 是什麼?記得留意「超級菜譜」,每一期都給您介紹不同的superfood!


我們的使命就是要把大溫哥華的飲食好去處介紹給我們的讀者。如果您是個local foodie又想知道溫哥華不斷在變化的飲食文化,就記得看【知味】!



We are blessed to live in Vancouver, one of the most culinary diverse cities in the world. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Together, we will explore Vancouver’s unique food scene. In each issue of Foodoir, top local restaurants in a specific culinary field are featured. You will read about their specialties and the reviews of their signature dishes, cocktails, as well as décor. Our interviews with famous chefs are found in the Chef Insider column. You will learn about their inspiration, their culinary journey, and their ideology behind cooking.


Are you planning to travel abroad? We can help you plan ahead.  Our global food writers will tell you the latest food trends and hotspots across the globe.


For our health conscious readers, we have columns written by Registered Dietitians and Chinese Medicine Practitioners. There you will find information on the nutritional values and health effects of different ingredients, as well as simple recipes that are both delicious and healthy.


Our mission is to provide the latest trends in Vancouver’s ever changing food culture. If you are a local foodie, you got to grab a copy of Foodoir.




潮生活小品  What's In Lifestyle





What’s in Magazine will be published with an all-new image. More exciting and interesting contents are to be shared with you all! Readers who love to read about health, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, pets, and many more, please stay tuned!


Are you a pet lover?  Be sure to check out our latest pet column. There you will find all sorts of tips and tricks regarding pet care, fashion, and supplies. If you are a pet enthusiast and love learning about the newest products for your pets, remember to grab a copy of What’s in Magazine!


The fashion column is another focus in our magazine’s content update. You will now find article series about the latest fads and fashion in our brand new magazine. We will closely follow trends from spring to winter collections, and from modern to retro styles!